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High Sierra Filtration Inc.

High Sierra Filtration Inc. was founded to protect people and their environment from the harmful effects of contaminates in water. Founder, Roy Bowers, began researching this problem over 10 years ago. Early on in his quest for excellence, it was discovered that the water treatment industry had a few inherent problems; it was actually making the water worse by adding salt and removing beneficial minerals. Salt softeners and reverse osmosis systems were also wasting a tremendous amount of fresh water, a rare commodity nowadays. Granted, there are situations where there is no other alternative than to use these tried technologies, however in the vast majority of cases there is a better way.

Aqua Vantage's solution

Until recently your choices were limited to buying a salt water softener and a reverse osmosis for removing the salt from your softener in order to drink the water. During the recent controversy between the government and the water softening industry, the industry fought back with no alternative solution to the saltwater problem. Aqua Vantage has the solution a new process that electronically alters the relationship and structure of water and minerals in the water. The new technology prevents scale, and removes scale from electronic humidifiers. Boilers, hot water heaters, and all other plumbing and fixtures in your home. This new product is called Aqua Vantage. Aqua Vantage also has developed and patented a product for spas called the Spa Pad, an alternative to chlorine or bromine in spas. Spa Pad consists of a combination of non-toxic minerals enclosed in a porous liner that lays in the bottom of the spa like a doormat.

Whole-house treatment

Aqua Vantage™ also addresses the toxins in your water line chlorine, disinfection bi-products, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and volatile organic chemicals. Enprotec manufactures a complete line of whole house water treatment systems. These systems are the highest quality available. Unique features include one-micron absolute filtration, Patent Pending Redox Fluidized bed, Unibody carbon cartridges, and NO BACKWASH OR SALT is required.

The Importance of Water

Water is the driving power behind all forms of life. Our bodies are over 70% water and all of our body fluids contain it. Even the food we eat is predominantly made of water. Water adjusts the body's temperature and through perspiration rids the body of toxins. Health authorities recommend that we drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to attain proper hydration. Most of us are dehydrated and dehydration can lead to great physical impairment and, in severe cases, death.

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A look at tomorrow's challenges for POU/POE dealers

According to the United Nations, more than half of the world's population now has water piped into their homes - a humbling fact for many of us who have taken tap water for granted our entire lives. But getting water to homes is only one part of the equation. We, as water treatment professionals, now need to ask ourselves about any health or safety issues that may be presented by the tap water being delivered to our customers.

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Use of Home Water Treatment Devices Rises

An overwhelming majority of Americans - 86% - have concerns about their home water supply - and nearly half believe federal laws governing the quality of drinking water are not strict enough, according to the fourth biennial National Consumer Water Quality Survey.

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What goes into the Ground

"This much we know: If we put toxic chemicals into the ground, they will eventually end up in the ground water we drink. Nearly 80% of the toxic wastes end up in the ground, where they will stay for decades, even centuries. The country is literally laced with millions of potential contamination sites".

-Congressional Research Service

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